Congratulations Dave


Congrats Dave!

Last weekend two of our Kali instructors, Tyler Morin and Dave Bandianon, travelled to the Gelinas Academy of Martial Arts for the annual Montreal Dog Brothers Gathering. The Gathering is a full contact stick fighting event, where participants are able to test their skills across a variety of martial arts disciplines. This was Dave’s first Gathering, and it earned him the recognition of the group by making ‘Dog’. Earning the title of Dog, is the first of three steps to becoming a full Dog Brother. This designation takes into account, not only your performance at a Gathering, but your character as well. Dave’s commitment to his training in the Filipino Martial Arts definitely paid off, and he represented Kombat well in Montreal this weekend. Good job Dave!

Special Thanks to Tuhon Tyler

Thanks to Tuhon Tyler for sharing your experience and knowledge with the Kali students at Kombat Arts, and congratulations to you as well for participating this year. Be sure to check out our Filipino Martial Arts classes every Thursday and Saturday