Kombat Arts Annual BBQ

The Kombat Arts Annual Summer Potluck BBQ

It’s that time of year again, time for the Kombat summer potluck and BBQ. This is a really special event for everyone at Kombat Arts, when we put aside all the training and hard work for a bit, let loose, reflect on our accomplishments for this year, and of course eat! It is one of our biggest get-togethers of the year, and it promises to be a good one, with all kinds of treats for our members and their families.

What We Have In Store for You

Kombat Arts party planner extraordinaire, Amelia Cordova, has out done herself once again this year. Kombat Kids, big and small, can look forward to the return of the snow cone and cotton candy machines. We will have a live DJ, and Kombat Arts member Davinder has hooked us up with a Virtual Reality system. All this is on top of the amazing food our members bring in to spoil their friends and coaches with.

What you Should Really be Looking Forward To

What makes the Kombat Arts BBQ really special though, is the people. At no other time is it more evident then at get-togethers like this, that Kombat Arts is so much more then your regular gym. Kru Joey, Kru Edgar, and all the coaches and staff truly have gone out of their way to make Kombat feel like home, and it’s members feel like family. So weather you’re a new member, or a long-time member we just haven’t seen in a while, come on out and join the party.