KOMBAT ARTS at the Marine Kickboxing Grand Opening

Recently KOMBAT ARTS attended the Grand Opening of our friend’s school, Kerry Marine’s Marine Kickboxing.  Kerry is an instructor under the famed kickboxing and MMA coach, Henri Hooft.

It was great to see Kerry and Henri again, as they always welcome us with open arms.

Also in attendance with Henri was Glory champion Robin van Roosmalen, UFC veteran Sean Soriano and Michael ‘The Menace” Johnson, UFC Lightweight.

We all had a great time learning some new tricks, catching up with Henri and bonding with our fellow teammates and other schools.

Congrats to Kerry and his new school.  Please check out his school, if you are in the area.  Here is a short video clip of some of the sparring.

Two of our students, Andre and Vanessa were captured on film sparring with these very accommodating athletes.