Champion Mind Workshops

Joey de Los Reyes

Champion Mind Workshops July 22 we start our Champion Mind Workshops, a series of Sport Psychology Workshops with Robert Schinke! Who should attend this workshop? ALL Boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors. And those who are thinking of competition. What will be covered? We will be hosting 7 workshops, each held once per month, over a period of …

New Shorts at KOMBAT ARTS!

Joey de Los Reyes

New Shorts at KOMBAT ARTS! We got some new Muay Thai shorts, custom made Muay Thai shorts and board shorts coming to our KOMBAT store next week Thursday.  We only have a limited supply, so it will be first come, first serve!  

Congrats to KOMBAT Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kids!

Joey de Los Reyes

Congrats to KOMBAT Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kids! Congratulations to all of the kids at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grading last night! I would like to thank Patrick for leading this program and also many thanks to Alan, Adam and Jake. Thank you Professor Amir for overseeing all of our BJJ programs. I apologize if I have missed anyone. I am glad …

Tape Armor for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Joey de Los Reyes

We got some Tape Armor for our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students! Protect your fingers and help reinforce that grip. Check out our KOMBAT store for more information! Need help with your taping? Check out this video with Xande Ribeiro. [sd_video id =”oCRffx_SS-0″ type=”youtube”]

Three Leopard Liniment

Joey de Los Reyes

Check our our KOMBAT store for some Muay Thai Three Leopard liniment! Great stuff to help with your warm up and to handle post workout soreness.


Have you seen this excellent project from Matt Bendo and Trepalm of the KOMBAT ARTS TRAINING ACADEMY?! This video is sure to light a fire underneath you! Thank you, Socrates for arranging this! What are you going to do TODAY to further your LEGACY?! [sd_video id=”222805319″ type=”vimeo”]

Edgewise workshop

Edgewise workshop coming up on July 15 at 12-130pm at KOMBAT ARTS. I will be conducting a practical workshop on empty hand tactics against an edged weapon attack. For this workshop, we will be focusing on the clinch and ground defense. I will be drawing on techniques and tactics from Kali, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo. Techniques and tactics …

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Grading

Hey guys, do not forget about the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grading that will occur on July 8 at 12pm. Please ask Professor Amir for more details. Good luck everyone!!!


Hey guys, we are… OPEN with REGULAR hours and classes for Saturday. OPEN FACILITY ONLY and NO classes for Monday. The facility will only be open between 9am to 3pm Have a GREAT LONG WEEKEND! Also Andrea Nucci’s Women’s Muay Thai/Self-Defence class is canceled for this weekend.

KOMBAT ARTS at the Marine Kickboxing Grand Opening

Recently KOMBAT ARTS attended the Grand Opening of our friend’s school, Kerry Marine’s Marine Kickboxing.  Kerry is an instructor under the famed kickboxing and MMA coach, Henri Hooft. It was great to see Kerry and Henri again, as they always welcome us with open arms. Also in attendance with Henri was Glory champion Robin van Roosmalen, UFC veteran Sean Soriano …