Raffle Winners

Congratulations to Our Raffle Winners

Thanks to everyone who helped to make our TBA fundraiser a success. As you may already know, the funds raised go to helping our athletes to cover some of the costs of competing. This year along with all the success at TBA’s, we ran a very successful raffle, that included some great prizes, donated by staff and members. Here is the list of winners for the second draw (winners have until this Monday to pick up their prizes):

Dude Gift Set:    Black 2361715 (Congratulations Jackie), Black 3862743

Panagios:           Black 3861650, Red 6551670

Lords Ink:           Red 6551032, Blue 9550730

Alpha Omega:   Black 891730 (Congratulations James Formosa)

Combat Gi:         Black 2361661 (Congratulations Suhail), Red 6551448 (Congratulations Arminder)

Nutella Set:        Yellow 2435993 (Congratulations Leon)