Learn How to Defend Your Car!


If you’re interested in defending your car, you must take Linda’s RAVEN women self defense course on July 13 (ignore the date on the site) at the Kombat Arts Mississauga.  Seriously, all joking aside you should take this seminar if you’re a female and if you know any females in your life that value their life.  I say “value” your life because most people value their car and house more than their life.  Take a few minutes and think about that.  We invest more time and money in our house and car and pay less value to our personal health and the ability to defend ourselves.

Just because you take martial arts does not mean you know how to defend your self.  That is a total myth.  Martial arts can be practiced for sport, health, fitness and war.  Self defense will teach you how to be assertive.  How to identify possible threats, and no it does not have to be the guy hiding in your backyard, it can be someone you know!  Self defense involves knowing your legal rights, how to possibly verbally diffuse an attack and as a last resort, physically defend yourself.  Not with “sporting” martial arts techniques, but with techniques that are aggressive in nature and allow you to escape.

If you’re interested in being assertive, confident and learning about verbal and physical self defense, take this course.  If you’re not going to do it for yourself, at least do it for your car-Jd