Nutrition for Performance Workshop


To get the results you want in the gym, here are the basics: a properly designed training program and a nutrition plan. Most of you probably have the training part down, but I can probably guarantee that your nutrition plan is non-existent.

That’s why at Kombat Arts we will be starting a series of nutrition workshops. In June 2013 we had a survey that went out, and most of you wanted the services of a nutritionist on our staff.

I am happy to say that on Oct 26 at 12pm to 1 pm, Gaetan Boutin from will be conducting a workshop on Nutrition for Performance. You can learn more about Gaetan HERE

Here is what you are going to learn:

How to time your meals properly

Supplement strategies

Eating to improve performance and recovery

The cost for this informative workshop is only $5! Proceeds for this workshop will go to our Mini Dragons or Teen Muay Thai Programs.

You can bring friends or family members for free to this workshop!

Please register at the from desk

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