On My Way!!!

I gathered my fighting gear from the club and rushed home to complete my packing.  This was around 5.00 PM.  I had to be by the airport by 8ish.  Saying “good bye” to my staff and students is always hard for me.  For some reason I found it harder this time.

I managed to finish packing everything I needed into one suitcase.  Not bad eh?  This was going to be a problem in the immediate future. I gave my beautiful dog BlackJack a HUGE TEARFUL hug and showered her with kisses, and sped off to the airport.  That one suitcase I packed?  Six pounds over the weight allowance!  I had to dump a few books, which really sucked and carry the rest with me on the plane.

The plane ride had a lot of turbulence and I realized that I had watched pretty much watched all of the movies.  This was going to be a long trip.  One Heiniken and half way through the Harry Potter movie and I was out for about an hour or so.

I finally arrived in BC and hooked up with my buddy Josip at his work at around 1.30 AM, which is 4.30 AM your time.  It was cool to see some vintage Street Fighter 2 arcade style games at Josip’s work.  So while Josip slaved away at his job, I put in some flight time on the games.  Man I suck! 🙂

After a few hours of this my buddy and I proceeded to get some Vietnamese at the local 24 hour Vietnamese restaurant.  I’ve been up for 24 hrs.  It’s now 8.33 AM your time, 5.33 AM BC time.  Time for me to crash-Jd