Order Now: New Kombat long-sleeves featuring Hanuman the Monkey God

Fresh for the new year, Kombat Arts has a wicked new long-sleeve T in stock featuring a striking image of Lord Hanuman the Monkey God on the front.

Hanuman is a Hindu deity, an incarnation and devoted follower of Lord Rama, and one of the central figures in the Sanskrit epic called the Ramayana. His stories carry much significance in many Southeast Asian cultures (they even influenced several Muay Thai techniques). According to the Vaishnava traditions, Hanuman was a regular human (just like you!) who evolved to the level of god, thus representing the possibility for all people to unlock and achieve unlimited power, intelligence and energy. His tales inspire us to transcend suffering and fear to live lives full of courage, strength and wisdom.

How to Order:
You can pick up your own Hanuman long-sleeve at Kombat for $35.00+HST. Or you can save by ordering online through PayPal for only $30.00 flat — just use the form below.


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