Want to improve your fitness, learn a new martial art or improve your martial art technique?

Then you can benefit from the help of a personal trainer. A personal trainer can…


Be there to motivate you. Sometimes you’re just having a lazy day, but our trainers are great at motiving and properly challenging you with a variety of workouts and goals.

Accountability. It’s easier to work out with a partner, and someone that will make sure that you show up at the gym. A trainer can be a great asset in making you accountable to your workouts and goals.

Accommodate your busy schedule. Sometimes you cannot make it to the classes. Or you don’t have time for a 2 hour workout. Some of our trainers have a pretty flexible schedule, and they can make sure that you get a great workout and start reaching your goals in an hour session.

Help you look and feel great. Want to get rid of that belly fat? Tone those muscles? Then a personal trainer can be the cure, by challenging you with strength and conditioning workouts and some nutrition coaching.

Teach you a new martial art, or improve on your technique. Ever wanted to learn a new martial art, but maybe the classes are too fast paced? Or you’re slightly intimidated? Or you want to get the basics down before you jump into class? Or maybe you are already training and want to perfect your technique. Maybe you want to get ready for a competition, a testing, or having a hard time learning a technique or a particular scenario. A personal trainer can help assess your game and come up with the best solution for you.

We can do the same for you. Our trainers can set you on the right path to help you start achieving your goals. Take advantage of this new introductory price for private lessons with our trainers.


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