Protect Your Teeth!

kombat mouthguardWe are happy to have at the Kombat Arts on May 31 between 11am and 1pm. Like Kombat Arts, Smartguards is a true pioneer and innovator in their industry.

We were the first martial arts facility to bring these amazing mouth pieces into the martial arts world, and we are totally happy with their products. If you value your teeth and want to reduce getting knocked out (who doesn’t mind that?!), then you NEED this mouthpiece. In short this is what I like about them:

  • Complete protection
  • Thick laminate offers great protection, but allows me to breath
  • The BEST mouthpiece for Boxing, Kickboxing and even BJJ
  • Perfectly formed to my teeth
  • My colors and my logo on the mouthpiece…have to represent the best team!

You can read more about this mouthpiece in a previous post.

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