Protein Poisoning and Sick!

Ok, last night, downtown or Slovania did not fly.  Which is good, because I felt like I was getting sick.  So after a restless sleep, I woke up and …I’m sick!  Oh well, off to a European type breakfast (from my piks you can see a common theme with the sort of stuff they serve at breakfast).  Resigned to my bed and slept again for a few hours before taking the boys downtown to the Internet café, more food, shopping for tea and fluids.  After the Internet café the boys went home and I chilled in a café to read and get ready for the International coaches’ meeting.  And I also got tomorrow’s draw /fight card.  Tomorrow we have 9-10 athletes fighting.  They are facing some stiff competition.  I will post who is fighting as I confirm the details.  Believe it or not, this stuff can change overnight.

After the meeting, myself, Helen and Roger went to a pub to have some Austrian fare.  As you can see from the piks, I now have protein poisoning.  The good thing is that the rush of protein momentarily made me forget how sick I am.  Have a good night Kombat.  Tomorrow we go to war 🙂 Jd