The Real Benefits of Weapons Training

The Real Benefits of Weapons Training

dsc_0814Here are some of the real benefits of training with weapons in the martial arts:

Self Defense: When I was learning the Filipino Martial Arts, I was taught that by understanding how to use a particular weapon, you gain insight and some training on how to defend against it. You understand the characteristics, the angles of attack, the capabilities and limitations of that particular weapon. So, for example, by learning how to use a knife, you might learn how efficient it is in close quarter self defense scenarios, how it is limited in range, how it is easy to cancel, and how it can cause a lot of trauma to the human body.

Improvised Weapons: You probably can not carry around a rattan stick or legally carry a collapsible baton, but you might have access to everyday items that can be used as an improvised or makeshift weapon in a self defense scenario. This could be a large flashlight, a stick on the ground, a broom or mop handle. Again, this is not the ideal weapon, but when faced with multiple attackers or someone using a weapon against you, this might be your best option.

Law Enforcement / Military: Obviously if you work in the law enforcement / military fields, learning how to train in weapons can be very beneficial.

  1. Learn how to use any weapons that you might carry on your person: edged weapons, a firearm as a blunt weapon in case you run out of ammo, use the flashlight as an improvised weapons, and also learn how to defend against weapons.
  2. Learn how to respect various weapons, at all ranges.  For example, check out this video demonstrating the Tueller Drill:
[sd_video id=”9igSoJHEdUo” type=”youtube”]

Over the years the Tueller Drill has been redone,taken apart, tested and redone. Modern Warrior, a reality based self defense / law enforcement training / martial arts academy located in New York, discovered that an officer needed close to 30′ to safely draw their firearm! Do your research on this material.

Develop Eye Hand Coordination: Weapons training can help you coordinate your left hand with your right hand, and it can also coordinate your footwork with your upper body. For example, in the Filipino Martial Arts, there are double weapon drills, which are really good in bringing your left hand up to speed with your right hand. Also in Filipino Martial Arts there are a lot of footwork drills, and when you add these double stick drills, it can really improve left hand / right hand coordination and coordinate your upper body with your footwork. All this left handed training is also great for your brain.

Increase your Speed: A weapon travels so much faster then your empty hand. Tracking this weapon wit your eyes as it is coming towards your head and reacting with your whole body, will make you very fast!

Improve Your Rhythm: In the Filipino Martial Arts, there are a lot of solo and partner drills that will build rhythm. Why is this important? Fighting is usually about rhythm; lulling your opponent into a regular predictable rhythm, and then all of a sudden changing the rhythm to score on them. And on the opposite side of the coin, recognizing when your opponent changes rhythm on you, and your ability to adapt to the changing rhythm.

These are the real benefits of training with weapons.

If you are looking to try a weapons martial arts, try our Filipino Martial Arts and our Krabi Krabong classes. The Filipino Martial Arts classes are on Thur at 7 and Sat at 11. The Krabi Krabong (traditional weapons from Thailand) is on Mon at 7.

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