Register Now: 8-Hour High Efficiency Low Profile (HELP) Expandable Baton Certification Course

The Kombat Arts Training Academy will be hosting an 8-hour certification course on the High Efficiency Low Profile (HELP) expandable baton taught by HELP Baton co-founders and master instructors Wesley Quaife and Calvin Millar.

This course is for Law Enforcement and Security only.

Saturday, April 28, 2012
9:00am until 5:30pm

Kombat Arts Training Academy
1110 Komato Road, Unit 7, Mississauga, ON

Be sure to bring a duty belt, expandable baton and holder. Please share with others that may benefit from this training.

IDT and Modern have revolutionized an expandable baton system. Their well-researched, litigation-resistant Expandable Baton System provides options that work in real-time adverse environments and situations — in the real world.

The High Efficiency Low Profile (HELP) Expandable Baton Course will teach you how to:

• Understand Use of Force and Legal Authorities
• Counterstrike while in mid-step
• Be effective from 360 degrees — even from the ground
• Maintain a professional officer presence
• Win a confrontation against multiple attackers
• and more!

If you are unfamiliar, out of practice or if you lack confidence with your expandable baton due to other factors, Wesley and Calvin’s HELP system will help you to restore that confidence.

Only $125.00 per person


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