Results for the 9 Week Challenge are in.

Thanks to Edgar for this one….

Yes I know I’m a little late posting this but better late then never. ;]p

The results are fantastic! Everyone that participated improved dramatically.

Here are some of the highlighted results:

Donna Sukovski – shaved off 12 seconds in the Centenial Hill run

Edgar Obregon – dropped 17 lbs

Sandra Aquila – doubled her hand stand pushups from 7 to 14

Daniel Chancey – increased his hand stand pushups from 15 to 49

Mark Desa – improved his Centenial Hill run by 31 seconds

Jordin Carlin – held the wall squat for 42 more seconds

Jason Gordon – more than doubled his pull ups from 15 to 33

June Kow – flew up the Centenial Hill 19 seconds faster

Monica Estevens – held the plank 28 seconds longer

Edwin Kow – finished with 45 hand stand push-ups…26 more

All in all, everyone did very well and should be proud of their results!

Great job everyone!