Savate “Champions”!

Congrats to all of our students and friends who completed their Savate Boxe Francaise testing under Professor Salem Assli:

Green Gloves:

Barry Lee, Alex Padovan, Martin Duncan, Anthony Colli, Christina Colli, Sean Evans and Sean Tyler

Red Gloves:

Roberto Mastromarini (the youngest to achieve this ranking!)

Iniator (1st level instrcutor):

Alek Ceho

Great work guys and thanks to all of the coaches and sparring partners that helped out.  Professor Salem conducted a great workshop on Savate, Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do and Kali.  Afterwards Professor spent some time working privately with Sifu Joey and Sifu Marc on the Mook Jong and Thai boxing (Muay Thai).  We look forward to having Professor back at the Kombat Arts Mississauga (maybe as early as Sept!)-Jd