Saving Your Shoulders Series

Saving Your Shoulders Series



Last week Kru Joey De Los Reyes posted a series of videos highlighting how you can save your shoulders and make them bulletproof!

Below is recap of these great tips!

Shoulder Mobility with Oskar Gut of The Human Vitality Project

[sd_video id=”VRLh5hzlpfc” type=”youtube” align=”center”]


Foam rolling with Samantha Ralph

[sd_video id=”VP1rj84WvyE” type=”youtube” align=”center”]


Three Big Tips to Save Your Shoulders with Gaetan Boutin of Strong Athlete

[sd_video id=”nBnXzimQ08c” type=”youtube” align=”center”]


Stretching Your Shoulders with Lisette Gonzalez

[sd_video id=”uuaJbxl9PWA” type=”youtube” align=”center”]


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