Scott Lewis’s BJJ team reaches new heights at belt gradings

A lot of Kombat’s Nova Uniao team members earned new stripes at the year-end BJJ belt gradings held on Decemeber 10. Six students were also promoted to new belt colours.

David Beckles leveled-up from Blue to Purple and Vijay Hemanchal, Christopher Smith, Chris Risze, Scott Richie and Tailz (Sean) Kent all moved from White to Blue. Congratulations to all on their hard work and well-deserved promotions.

“We as a team have had a great year,” said head BJJ instructor Scott Lewis. “Next year will be even better, we are getting stronger each day and really it felt like a big family today. Best thing is we have so many guys so close to their next belt level already. 2012 will be a great year for Nova Uniao Canada!”

This video is of a previous belt grading ceremony, but check it out nonetheless to see what a great team this is:

More pics from the December 10 gradings below.

HT: Shaady Tadros

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