Self Defense and Bully Proofing

Self Defense and Bully Proofing

Recently, two of our Coaches at The Kombat Arts Training Academy came together and offered a Ladie’s Self Defence Course, and a Bully Proofing Course for the kids.

Sylwester Organka taught self defense to the ladies, and Dave Edwards taught bully proofing to the kids.

We at Kombat Arts Training Academy are especially proud of both Sylwester and Dave. Head Coach Joey De Los Reyes had this to say: “I got to watch them in action as they both taught something that they are passionate about. These guys have gone beyond what I have taught them and made their own training programs to help the community.  If you are looking for self defense training or bully proofing, please look these guys up.”

You can learn more about these two passionate Coaches by clicking their names above to see their “Coach of the Week” Features.

You can also learn more about the great work these two are doing for their students and the community by visiting their websites:

Sylwester Organka is invites you to know thyself and protect yourself via  The Husaria Method.

David Edwards wants to Bully Proof your children and help them discover the courage to change their lives via his Bully Be Gone Program.


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