Self Defense Seminar at Kombat Arts Mississauga

What is your survival mind set? What survival rules do you have for yourself and your family in case of a self defense situation? If you are interested in developing the survival mindset and tactics for self defense, then check out Sanford Strong’s book, Strong on Defense. You can probably get a used copy for a really good price.

I picked up this gem quite awhile ago and still believe in Strong’s 4 Survival Rules: 1. React Immediately. 2. Resist. 3. No Crime Scene #2 4. Never, never give up. Short practical rules.

My personal thoughts on self defense is that you should investigate martial arts that allow you to be offensive and defensive in all ranges (kicking, punching, clinch and grappling) with or without weapons, against one or many opponents. Not all martial arts have a monopoly on self defense; sometimes you have to investigate other systems to add to your own. Even though I love Muay Thai, BJJ, Judo and the knife work from kali, I still like the combatives from systems like Krav Maga, Modern Warrior and KAPAP.

If you are interested in the martial aspect of martial arts, then I truly recommend the KAPAP seminar this weekend. Check it out and register now:

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  1. I am moving to Mississauga in February from London due to being terrorized by a maintenance guy in my bldg. The landlord nor the police would do anything to protect me. Being a single woman with a spinal injury I need to toughen up and be able to protect myself. I refuse to be afraid, or anyones victim anymore!!!!

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