Snack Time

I personally feel that most people know how to eat properly; if you need help with this topic check out these other posts here, here and over here.  However I don’t think that people consume enough calories and that their body is in some kind of starvation mode, especially our students who train like athletes.  I think that the solution is to snack here and there.  The guys at the gym have a chuckle at my expense because I am always eating!  In fact I usually set my alarm off at the club to go off every 2 hrs.  This prompts me to find food within 1 hr, making sure that I am always feeding my metabolism, or I’ll go nuts and everyone will have to suffer.  However most people have no idea what constitutes a snack.  If you need some help check out Jayson Hunter’s FREE 100 Calorie Snack Report.  Go to the link and download the report.  I think that if you learn to consume your calories throughout the day you will see some great results in your performance and your goal to lose weight-Jd