Are you doing Tae Bo or Martial Arts? Part 2

Are you doing Tae Bo or Martial Arts? Part 2

*For Part 1 of this article, Click HERE.

There is more to practicing the striking martial arts than just hitting heavy bags.  There are four ways to practice the striking arts.

1) Shadowboxing-  Basically practicing your techniques in the air.  First practice your technique slowly, to make sure that you are correctly doing the technique.  Use a mirror or have someone film you so that you can make any corrections.  Practice not only your offensive techniques, but also your defensive techniques and footwork.  The goal is to perfect your technique and develop fluidity.

[sd_video id=”-HNIKwkClJk” type=”youtube” align=”center”]

2) Training on the heavy bag – Make sure that your hands are properly wrapped and that you are wearing gloves.  Here is a video demonstrating one of many ways to wrap your hands:

[sd_video id=”wlFsULrf4zA ” type=”youtube” align=”center”]

The bag is great for developing power in your technique.  Make sure that you still work your technique and that you respect the distance.  Here are some videos on how to properly use the heavy bag:

[sd_video id=”ItRI9kupriU” type=”youtube” align=”center”]


3) Using Focus Pads and Thai Pads –  Pads are a great way to work your accuracy, defense and footwork.  Proper technique and distance must still be respected.  Pad holding is definitely and art form.  Here are some great videos explaining how to hold pads:

Focus pads:

[sd_video id=”o1FR-ebx3Ew” type=”youtube” align=”center”]

Thai pads:

[sd_video id=”FbxrHA2kEmk” type=”youtube” align=”center”]


4) Partner Drills.  Drills with a partner are a great way to show what you have learned, as long as it is done safely.  Make sure to wear all the right protective gear which may include, but not limited to a mouthpiece, handwraps, 14-16 oz gloves, protective cup, knee pads and shin pads.  Partner drills are a great way to improve defense, range and accuracy.  Don’t take this as an opportunity to work your power…otherwise you are going to run out of training partners.

[sd_video id=”OjAn-76X3yw” type=”youtube” align=”center”]


 Are you practicing these methods at your commercial gym? You can.  If you pay extra for it.  That’s right.  You probably have to pay extra to do pad work or partner drills.  Which is sad, because this is actually part of the martial arts.
Martial Arts
So when you study martial arts at a commercial gym, buyer beware.  Are you practicing some form of Tae Bo? Or are you practicing the martial arts?

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