Happy Birthday Kru Dave!

Kombat’s Kru Dave Edwards is one year closer to reaching enlightenment and going full Super Saiyan. It’s been a calendar full of well-earned accomplishments for Dave (we don’t call him “Kru” now for nothing), providing a great example to all of us at Kombat to keep working toward our goals and plugging away at our personal journeys. Congrats to Kru …

Happy Belated Birthday to Tyler!

It was Tyler Morin’s birthday on Sunday, so happy belated wishes from everyone here at Kombat Arts! Tyler teaches Filipino martial arts (Kali and Dog Brothers Martial Arts). If you’d like to do something nice for his birthday, show some love to Beat the Crap out of Cancer 2, an awesome weapons-sparring fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Happy Birthday Dave!

Birthday shoutouts today to David Edwards! Dave has been with Kombat Arts since the beginning and has been an invaluable right-hand man to Kru Joey over the years. Always learning, even while teaching, he continues his martial journey as one of our CASK-certified Muay Thai coaches. Happy birthday Dave, hope it’s a great one!

Happy Birthday Sean!

Hey everyone, give an HBD greeting today to Sean Fulgencio! Sean holds down our front desk, helps train students as our assistant boxing coach, and is always providing all-around support to Team Kombat behind the scenes and at events. Have a great birthday, Sean!