Muay Thai, Savate and Jun Fan Kickboxing Seminar at Kombat Mississauga

My instructor, Salem Assli will be at the Kombat Arts to teach a two day seminar on Muay Thai, savate and Jun Fan Kickboxing, starting on June 15. This seminar is open to all skill levels. Personally I find that you get the following things from each martial art: Muay Thai: forward aggression, very simple, yet highly effective combinations, great …

Do You Have a Big Head?

  And also do Muay Thai or boxing or any contact martial arts for that matter?  We have 3 used Top Ten Headgear, size LARGE.  Blue, Black and Red, that we barely ever use that we are looking to dump.  The cost is just $45.00, considering that this headgear is $100+.  If interested, please check out our front counter, Jd