The word “Yoga” is said to stem from Sanskrit and it can mean union or  discipline.  Some have interpreted the word to mean a union of the body, mind and soul.  I can tell you that I definitely did not have that union yesterday  morning.  I had my 1st private lesson with Lori in Yoga.  Lori owns her own studio …

Mohammed Abedeen in the Boxing Finals!!

 Mohammed Abedeen has won 2 fights in the Canadian Nationals for Boxing and is set to fight in the Finals today!  Congrats to Mo and we all look forward to him bringing home the Gold.  We know that we will get the same results from our Thai boxers competing today and tomorrow at the CASK Nationals-Jd

Greg Nelson MMA & Muay Thai Mississauga Seminar

  Greg Nelson will be at the Kombat Arts to conduct a 2 day seminar on Muay Thai and MMA.  Who is Greg Nelson?  He is the man that trains Sean Sherk and Brock Lesnar, both from the UFC.  His athletes do very well in MMA, boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ and submission grappling.  If you want to improve your game-be at …

Mayhem in May 2

  Kombat Arts will be hosting another boxing show, Mayhem in May 2, on May 31.  Buy your tickets now!  We are very excited as we will be showcasing our boxing athletes against some great competition.  So come support your fellow athletes, hang out with the instructors and have a great time-Jd