Congratulations Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Professor Amir Yafawi!

With great pride, The Kombat Arts Training Academy would like to offer our Congratulations to our very  own  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  Professor Amir Yafawi for his Double Gold Medal win this weekend at the Ontario Open International Jiu Jitsu Championships. With these victories he has earned a spot in the Worlds 2015.      

Kombat Arts New Years Special

Here is our much anticipated Kombat Arts New Years Special When we talk about a New Body, we are not only talking about the Physical Transformation that will happen to you, but we are also talking about: Learning and appreciating the determination, focus and discipline that is needed to pursue the martial arts, a fit lifestyle and a comprehensive nutrition …

A Short Hyperwear Slam Bell Routine at Kombat Arts Mississauga

A short Hyperwear Sand Bell Routine we use at Kombat Arts Mississauga. This is usually done with a partner (you can’t see them, they’re on the far left out of camera view dying). Person A slams the Sandbell, and hops over it, doing this the length of our training floor. While he is doing this, his partner, Person B is …

How to do the BJJ Cross Choke at Kombat Arts Mississauga

A short video with Professor Amir Yafawi showing how to do the cross choke from the guard, after a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class at the Kombat Arts Training Academy Mississauga. FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP

How to Hold Focus Pads for Boxing or Muay Thai at Kombat Arts Mississauga

This is a video showing how to properly use focus pads (focus mitts) for boxing or Muay Thai for the beginner student, as illustrated by Kru Joey de Los Reyes and Coach Sean Fulgencio at the Kombat Arts Training Academy in Mississauga. For a free week trial membership visit us here:

Basic BJJ Kimura Sub as Taught at the Kombat Arts Mississauga

Check out this short vid of my instructor, Amir Yafawi teaching a basic (but very effective) submission from the mount position for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; the infamous Kimura lock. For BJJ training and other martial arts like Muay Thai kickboxing, boxing and Jeet Kune Do, come visit Kombat Arts Training Academy Mississauga for a FREE WEEK TRIAL.


So we managed to get a little video of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Promotions at Kombat Arts Mississauga. The “whipping” to “congratulate” those that have achieved their new belts. Again congrats to those that got stripes and belts! If you know anyone interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, check out our FREE WEEK

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Promotions at Kombat Arts Mississauga Dec 2013

It has been 10+ years since I trained consistently with a Gi in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Feels great to train consistently with Professor Amir Yafawi, and I am happy to have achieved my goal of 2 new strips on my belt today. Thanks Amir for being a great coach! I am lucky to be training with a coach who I …

Kombat Arts Potluck Christmas Party 2013

I had a great time at the Kombat Arts Potluck Xmas Party last night! It was great to see all the staff, volunteers, members and our family members come out and celebrate with us. Again, I would like to say thanks to all of you who makes this academy great! Thank you!