Kali Practice Session Tomorrow at Kombat Arts

Hey guys, if you want to get some extra Kali training in, or get ready for some upcoming Full Contact Stick Fighting matches, then come by Kombat Arts tomorrow from 11 to 130 tomorrow. Training will be conducted by Rene Cocolo. Here is a video of the last Beat the Crap Out of Cancer event…just in case you missed it.

Beat the Crap Out of Cancer tomorrow at Kombat Arts

Beat the Crap Out of Cancer 2 goes down this weekend at the Kombat Arts Training Academy. In its second year, the fundraiser is a Dog Brothers-style sparring event organized by Rene Cocolo, Tyler Morin and friends to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. The team has already done a great job fundraising over $8000, surpassing last year’s take …

Happy Belated Birthday to Tyler!

It was Tyler Morin’s birthday on Sunday, so happy belated wishes from everyone here at Kombat Arts! Tyler teaches Filipino martial arts (Kali and Dog Brothers Martial Arts). If you’d like to do something nice for his birthday, show some love to Beat the Crap out of Cancer 2, an awesome weapons-sparring fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society.