Last Week for Early Registration

Guys this is the last week to capitalize on the early registration fee for the Krabi Krabong seminar with Arlan Sanford. Learn this traditional Thai Weapon system with a legendary martial artist and one of the original Dog Brothers. Here is the link to register online for the EARLY REGISTRATION PRICE

Kali Practice Session Tomorrow at Kombat Arts

Hey guys, if you want to get some extra Kali training in, or get ready for some upcoming Full Contact Stick Fighting matches, then come by Kombat Arts tomorrow from 11 to 130 tomorrow. Training will be conducted by Rene Cocolo. Here is a video of the last Beat the Crap Out of Cancer event…just in case you missed it.

Kombat closed on the weekend for Dan Inosanto seminar

Guro Dan Inosanto returns to the Kombat Arts Training Academy next weekend, March 31 to April 1, for another can’t-miss two-day seminar. As a result, classes will be cancelled and the facility will be closed. For more info on the legendary Guru Dan and how to register for his seminar, check out the flyer below. Yes, you can pay at …

Video: Sticking it to cancer at Beat the Crap Out of Cancer 2

Our friend Oliver Yi of Big Head Productions put together this nice video for Beat the Crap Out of Cancer 2, a Canadian Cancer Society fundraiser/sparring event held at Kombat Arts earlier this month. The video features footage of warriors going at it as well as an interview with Rene Cocolo, one of the event’s founders and organizers. Awesome stuff! …

Athletes show solidarity with cancer fighters at Beat the Crap out of Cancer 2

Beat the Crap out of Cancer was a big success this year. Led by team leaders and event organizers Tyler Morin and Rene Cocolo, participants raised over $10,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society. (Last year’s inaugural event raised $7,800.) Big thanks to all donors, participants, spectators, organizers and on-hand staff. Sister events were also organized in California, Illinois, Hawaii and the …

Countdown to Inosanto: “Way of the Warrior” on Eskrima

Here’s one more vintage clip from the BBC’s Way of the Warrior series, this time featuring Guro Dan Inosanto talking about the Filipino weapons systems, why they’re effective, and how they differ from the Chinese arts. [youtube] The Kombat Arts Training Academy is proud to host Sifu/Guro Dan Inosanto for a two-day seminar in April!

Get Hit With Blunt Objects!!!

Ok, how about “Learn how to avoid getting hit with blunt objects?”  If you like kali, weapons or reality based self defense, I really advocate that you check out this seminar that will be here month end.  For more details go to  Check out this video.  Need I say more?  Jd [youtube=]