Basic BJJ Kimura Sub as Taught at the Kombat Arts Mississauga

Check out this short vid of my instructor, Amir Yafawi teaching a basic (but very effective) submission from the mount position for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; the infamous Kimura lock. For BJJ training and other martial arts like Muay Thai kickboxing, boxing and Jeet Kune Do, come visit Kombat Arts Training Academy Mississauga for a FREE WEEK TRIAL.

“Judoka”: A great short about a Canadian judo player in Japan

The National Film Board of Canada’s Judoka (1965) is one of the reasons why I like Alistair Overeem’s documentary series, The Reem, so much. The Reem reminds me of Judoka’s story of a burly, friendly giant foreigner pursuing the martial way in Japan, and recalls the NHB short’s dramatic black and white cinematography. Killer soundtracks, too. If you’ve never seen Judoka, take …