Eight Muay Thai Combos That Will Improve Your Skills!

Here are 8 variations of the FOUR COUNTS, that I learned from my different Krus. You can practice them by shadowboxing, pad work, partner work or on the heavy bag. Feel free to DOWNLOAD. Follow these round time and rest protocols: 3 two minute rounds with 1 min rest 3 two minute rounds with 30 second rest 5 two minute …

Thai Pads

How To Hold Pads for Muay Thai Correctly

Holding Thai pads is beneficial to not only the striker but also the pad holder. The pad holder’s job is to provide good targets for their partner with an aim of making the striker better. In doing so, the pad holder has to work on their timing, concentration, and accuracy. If you actively hold pads for others, here are some basics you …

Muay Thai Combo From Henri Hooft

Last year, we had Henri Hooft, trainer to UFC, Glory and other professional combat fighters at KOMBAT ARTS.  Henri will be making his return to KOMBAT in March 2017.  Details to follow. Here is one of Kru Joey’s favorite combo from that workshop:

Kombat Arts Fight Camp

Fight Camp has started. Come join us to work on your game for 2017! Training times are Monday and Tuesday at 7pm, Wednesday at 7:30pm, Saturday at 10am and occasionally Sunday at 12pm (confirm with Kru Joey).

Kombat Arts Muay Thai Testing

Congrats to all of the students who passed their Intermediate level, Green and Advance Green level for our Muay Thai program.  Certificates should be available in December.  The next testing will be late February.  Thanks Kru David and Brian for assisting.   payday loans in hawaii

Tips on How to Open Up Your Hips

If you’re like most of us suffering Kombat students, many of you have faced the problem of extremely STIFF and SORE HIPS with limited range of movement.  This can occur for many reasons, including inflammation, strains, overtraining, improper form/technique or just kicking too darn much! 😉 Many athletes also use cross-training in different sports to help develop their skills in different areas, alter their workout routines …

Custom Made Mouthguard Clinic at KOMBAT ARTS

Custom Made Mouthguard Clinic at KOMBAT ARTS Ok you guys asked for it; we are holding another Smart Guards Mouthguards Workshop at Kombat Arts. Whether it is Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing or any other martial arts, these are the best custom made mouthpieces that offer the best protection. Kombat Arts has a long relationship with Smart Guards, and I have …

Tips on How to Defeat a Taller Opponent in Muay Thai

In Muay Thai or Kickboxing, sparring against a taller opponent can be overwhelming in the best of times. But there are some strategies that can help you. In this video, they advocate: footwork and angles patience using your kicks versus their punches trying to entice your opponent to throw their kicks, so that you can catch their kicks. Sort of …