Kali Practice Session Tomorrow at Kombat Arts

Hey guys, if you want to get some extra Kali training in, or get ready for some upcoming Full Contact Stick Fighting matches, then come by Kombat Arts tomorrow from 11 to 130 tomorrow. Training will be conducted by Rene Cocolo. Here is a video of the last Beat the Crap Out of Cancer event…just in case you missed it.

Get Hit With Blunt Objects!!!

Ok, how about “Learn how to avoid getting hit with blunt objects?”  If you like kali, weapons or reality based self defense, I really advocate that you check out this seminar that will be here month end.  For more details go to kombatarts.com/blog.  Check out this video.  Need I say more?  Jd [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0Zuj5jdY-k]