Spread the love: New “I

If you love Muay Thai, you’ll love Kombat’s new line of T-shirts coming soon in February. Influenced by the graphic design work of Milton Glaser, the shirts feature a heart-shaped mongkhon headband on the front and a Kombat Muay Thai logo on the back. Check ’em out.

Order Now: New Kombat long-sleeves featuring Hanuman the Monkey God

What: Fresh for the new year, Kombat Arts has a wicked new long-sleeve T in stock featuring a striking image of Lord Hanuman the Monkey God on the front. Who: Hanuman is a Hindu deity, an incarnation and devoted follower of Lord Rama, and one of the central figures in the Sanskrit epic called the Ramayana. His stories carry much …

T-shirts for Muay Thai testings now available

For the Kombat students that recently tested for Muay Thai, your T-shirts are now available — as long as you’ve met with Kru Joey. If you haven’t seen Kru regarding your test results yet, please do so in order to receive your shirt. Related info: July Muay Thai testing results Proper equipment required if you passed Muay Thai testing