Athletes show solidarity with cancer fighters at Beat the Crap out of Cancer 2

Beat the Crap out of Cancer was a big success this year. Led by team leaders and event organizers Tyler Morin and Rene Cocolo, participants raised over $10,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society. (Last year’s inaugural event raised $7,800.) Big thanks to all donors, participants, spectators, organizers and on-hand staff. Sister events were also organized in California, Illinois, Hawaii and the …

Happy Belated Birthday to Tyler!

It was Tyler Morin’s birthday on Sunday, so happy belated wishes from everyone here at Kombat Arts! Tyler teaches Filipino martial arts (Kali and Dog Brothers Martial Arts). If you’d like to do something nice for his birthday, show some love to Beat the Crap out of Cancer 2, an awesome weapons-sparring fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Piks from Leo Gage Kali Seminar

Hey guys I’m posting some piks here from the Leo Gage Kali seminar.  A lot of the students spoke very highly about this seminar.  If you like weapon training, apparently this was the seminar to be at.  Thxs Tyler Morin for setting this up and for James Ver for his poster work! Jd