Team Kombat/Radix at Muay Thai Ontario Provincial Tournament

Team Kombat/Radix at Muay Thai Ontario Provincial Tournament

Congratulations to the 4 members of Team Kombat who fought amazing Muay Thai bouts on Saturday, October 14th at Woodbine Racetrack.

Here is a message from Kru Joey De Los Reyes:

First, thank you to all of coaches with this training camp. Ryan Nery, Sylwester Organka and Sean Fulgencio really stepped up to help me with the heavy lifting.

Thank you to all of the sparring partners and our team mates who came out to volunteer their bodies for sparring.

Thank you Daniel Thiessen and Team Radix Performance Centre for the strength and conditioning.

Thank you Gaetan Boutin from Strong Athlete for the weight cutting help, nutrition and therapy help.

And a HUGE thank you for the KOMBAT members that came out to support our athletes!

All of our athletes had to fight out of their comfort zone. Something that all great fighters have to do. They either fought in a lighter or a heavier weight class.

Jacques Malillin won by third round TKO via elbows! Great work Jax, especially after a 5+ yr lay off!


Brandon Trini won by UD. This guy had a full day of mental trials and tests, and even though he did not feel that he performed at his best, the lesson is in the mental toughness that he learned.12249779_1070862032924572_2860799833714141084_n

Matthew John had his first fight today, and this kid showed a lot of heart and grit! His fight went to the 4th round. He lost a close decision, but he’s got something that can’t be taught: toughness.

Kunal Pun went up a weight class to fight another champion. It was champion versus champion. Unfortunately the size difference was too much for our athlete and we lost by decision. No losing, just learning. Our team will work harder and smarter to improve our athletes!


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