The Technical Stand Up

The Technical Stand Up

[sd_video id=”hqwRgkVsHL8″ type=”youtube”] Here is Professor Amir Yafawi, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor of the KOMBAT ARTS, showing how to properly do the technical stand up for BJJ. This is an essential move for BJJ.

However, not only is this a very important BJJ technique, it is a a great way to stretch your hips.

When you are looking to warm up, you basically have a general and a technical warm up. An example of a general warm up can be running, push ups and body weight squats. An example of specific warm up would be shadowboxing. Skipping rope can be considered to be both. It is a great general warm up, but can also work on foot speed, timing and eye-hand coordination. Skills that can be specific for boxing.

The Technical Stand Up is a great specific warm up for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; that not only reinforces an essential technique, it is a great way to dynamically warm up your hips.

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