The Greg Nelson MMA Seminar

Hey guys the Greg Nelson MMA Seminar was really good! He’s a fun guy, an encyclopedia on fighting and has some great stories!

On Day 1 (which I missed 🙁 ) apparently the boys did some stand up techniques specific to MMA and cage takedowns.  That evening we hooked up for all you can eat sushi (which meant all you can eat ice cream to me) and we watched the Strikeforce show.  Day 2 was exciting for me as we went over the old Shoot lock series, specifically Series B and how we can apply it to modern day MMA, and how to get off the cage.  We finished off the session with a great Q and A session.  It was sad to see Greg go, but we will be bringing him down again.

We are also bringing 2 special guests in October.  One of them is one of my favorite fighter 🙂  Details to be released soon! Jd