The Infamous Liver Shot

Arguably there is nothing worse then being hit with a sweet shot to the liver.  There were times when I was hit with a liver shot, and I really wanted to continue, but my body was just unable to respond.

I clearly remember when I was younger and my boxing coach hitting me in the liver with a focus pad, and that slow paralysis coming over my body.  And that was with a focus pad!  All I could think about was holding on for the remaining 10 seconds of the round, as my boxing coach beat on me with the pads!  From that point on, it became one of my favorite punches.

I also like using the liver shot for our K1 Kickboxing and Muay Thai practitioners to set up low kicks or directly attacking the liver with knees or kicks.

Here are a couple of videos showing the liver shot in action.  The first video is very good because it explains in detail where to attack and what happens when you hit the liver.

Enjoy! Kru Joey

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