The King’s Cup

It was a melancholy day as we got Mehdi prepped to leave for his last minute change of plans to fly home.  Again like I posted before, Mehdi had a personal family emergency that demanded his attention.  We bid him a sorry good bye and wished him the best of luck.  Don’t worry Mehdi, things will work out and I”ll come hang with you a bit 🙂

We chilled throughout the day and eventually at 9.30ish we made our way to the King’s Cup.  Fights had started at 6.00 PM and were expected to go to about 2.00 or 3.00 AM.  There were about 200, 000 people in attendance at the fair grounds!  I will try to post some vids here of the event, but again, the internet here is iffy iffy.

At 4.00 AM Fred and I realized that we had really eaten nothing.   We could not discern if anything was open in the city, so we settled for 7/11 food.  Soup bowls, chips, ice cream and beer.  This was going to hurt tomorrow.  Ok Kombat, I’m exhausted, check you later, Jd