The Kombat Arts Training Academy announces management team changes

Kombat Arts owner and program director Joey de Los Reyes

MISSISSAUGA, Jan. 9, 2012 – Following 11 years of doing business together, the Kombat Arts Training Academy partners have made a decision to go their separate ways. The club is now under new ownership and management.

Moving forward, Joey de Los Reyes will head Team Kombat as an owner and program director. Kombat Arts will continue to offer the same level of excellence and expertise to its students, de Los Reyes said.

“I look forward to the new classes and programs that will be offered at the Kombat Arts Training Academy and the direction that Kombat Arts will be moving in. I am very happy to see the club finally being led by passionate individuals who care about Kombat Arts, its vision and the legacy it has built,” he said.

For any questions about how this affects your membership or the services provided by the Kombat Arts Training Academy, please contact Kru Joey de Los Reyes at [email protected]

Oss, peace, thanks and blessings.

-Team Kombat