The Last Supper

Ok it’s 1247 am Sunday, and I’m starting my packing for Austria.  I’ve done nothing.  I know…your fearless leader is impeccably organized :).  I hooked up with some of the Kombat boys for the Last Supper.  Sean dragged us out to SukoThai.  Check it out.  I love eating, so I can tell you is has some good eats.

We were doing ok until the last dish: Suicide Beef.  Now I LOVE Spicy food, and I’m not going to back down from this challenge.  But I gotta say, it got me sweating!!!  Look at my forehead and my hand as I wiped the slick!  The look on Sean’s face is awesome as his taste buds were assaulted with the HOT Suicide Beef.  Lol as I get ready I already look forward to my future; be good guys.  See you in a couple days  🙂  try not to burn my club down.  Jd