The V.P.I.C. Training Model

Proper mindsetting.  I will post different mind setting stuff on this blog as we move along, but I wanted to talk about the V.P.I.C. Training Model that I came across from checking out Charles Staley’s stuff.  I think that this model is pretty interesting because I think that most athletes  have a good idea of how to train and eat properly, they’re just unorganized and have no direction!  At the Kombat Arts we really believe in goal setting so for those that are doing the 9 week challenge or are even trying to accomplish any goals, following the V.P.I.C. model may have some merits to establishing the proper mind set to achieving your goals.  Take some time out to write down your goals and make some actionable plans for yourself.  Losing weight, gaining muscle, adding 5 more pull ups to your record, getting in the ring…does not happen by accident.  Have a proper road map to help you achieve your goals!  Check it out and enjoy, if you need some help drop me a line at [email protected]/blog, or just grab me at the gym, Jd