Training schedule and registration forms for amateur kickboxing and MMA athletes

Here is the training schedule and equipment list for Kombat’s amateur athletes, as well as links to the required registration forms.


K-1 and Low-Kick Athletes:

Mon, 7.00 PM
Tue, 6.00 PM
Wed, 7.00 PM
Fri, 6.00 PM
Sat, 11.00 AM

Amateur MMA Athletes:

Mon, Muay Thai, 7.00 PM
Tue, No Gi BJJ, 8.00 PM
Wed, MMA Grappling, 7.00 PM
Thur, Wrestling, 7.00 PM
Fri, MMA Striking, 6.00 PM
Sat, MMA Wrestling, 11.00 AM and MMA Sparring, 12.00 PM

*It is recommended that all sessions be attended.


All athletes please make sure to attend all training sessions with the proper gear: skipping rope, wraps, mouth piece, head gear, groin protection, shin pads, gloves and running shoes.


Individual Registration:


Kru Brian or Kru Joey will sign off on your registrations before you submit them. Please have completed forms and payment ready ASAP.

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