Video: ‘Countdown to UFC 129’ and fight predictions

The UFC’s hype machine is in full gear, pushing a number of storylines for this weekend’s monumental event in Toronto. Georges St. Pierre is facing possibly his greatest challenge yet in ground wizard Jake Shields; Jose Aldo makes his UFC debut against a very skilled Mark Hominick, putting his title and his hype on the line; and 47-year-old Randy Couture is betting on one last bit of lighting in his bottle before he hangs up the 4 oz gloves while Lyoto Machida, coming off two losses, seeks to get back on track and avoid the dreaded 3-Ls-in-a-row.

Watch last night’s episode of Countdown to UFC 129 and place your predictions below.

Georges St. Pierre vs. Jake Shields for the welterweight title

Jose Aldo vs. Mark Hominick for the featherweight title

(A tough choice for Kombat students here. Are you pulling for fellow Canadian Hominick? Or Nova Uniao teammate Aldo?)

Lyoto Machida vs. Randy Couture

Tell us the reasons behind your choices in the comment section.

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