Welcome home, Kombat! Here are a few ground rules

Hi guys, we hope you’re enjoying the new Kombat Arts gym! As much as possible, we want to keep things fresh, clean, and organized, so here are a few housekeeping details to note.

1) No running shoes on the Thai bags
2) No shoes at all on the new grappling mats
3) No eating or drinking on the turf (i.e. It’s not a picnic area!)

Juice Bar:
Also, as you may have noticed, we now have a juice bar located on site! Enjoy the goodies and just remember that the bar is essentially a separate business from KATA, which means we don’t have access to its blender, microwave, fridge, inventory, or anything else. (i.e. It’s not your kitchen!)

Thanks to all of you for the help, patience and positive energy over the past few weeks. It’s because of you that this feels like home already.

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