Welcome to the Kombat Team Jef!!!

I am very happy to be adding Jef Catapang to our staff as our Online Community Manager.  As we all know I can be really be busy, so Jef will be working with me on keeping you guys informed about the Kombat community.

Although a newcomer to Kombat, Jef Catapang first trained Jeet Kune Do concepts under me from the ages of 14-19. He graduated from Humber College’s journalism program in 2008 and since then has covered a wide range of topics from human rights in southern Africa to real estate developments in Winnipeg, and regularly writes about pop culture and hip-hop for theAshcan.com and Urbanology magazine. He hates southpaws, even though he often pretends to be one.

Welcome Jef! Kru / Sifu Joey de Los Reyes