What’s In My Locker

After training one of my clients, I started to unpack all the gear that I would need for my own workout. My client was loitering around and was really curious about all the cool stuff I was pulling out. So I have decided to put together a short series on some of these objects and how to use them as part of your training regimen, starting with Trigger Point’s GRID Foam Roller.

I typically use my foam roller at the beginning of my workout, to “wake up” my body and to start work out any kinks in my body. I also use the foam roller at the end of my workouts, especially after a hard weightlifting session, Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu session. For me, it’s a great “poor man’s” massage tool. Here are a few videos on how to effectively use the foam roller:

In this first video, Daniel Thiessan from Radix Performance Inc, shares with us a very simple foam roller routine, and some good stretches for the hips.

My cousin, Jason de Los Reyes hosted a joint mobility and recovery workshop at Kombat Arts, and in this video he offers a more detailed look at the foam roller.

And finally my friend Gaetan Boutin from Strong Athlete, shares with us a really great video on how to save your shoulders.

There you have it! Three great videos, from three experts in our industry showing us how to effectively use the foam roller (and some other great info too!) to make sure that we prevent injuries, allowing us continue doing what we love doing: punching, kicking, throwing, choking…

Next week I will cover the Gym Boss and the different ways we use it to torture our stundents, Kru Joey de Los Reyes

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