Who is Hungry?

Kombat BBQ 2009 Ok we are again hosting our Annual Kombat Arts BBQ and Potluck event on August 8.  If you are coming to this event please fill out this INVITATION FORM.  What is the point of the invitation form? To help us calculate food, drinks, manpower, weapons etc.  Here are the details:

  1. It’s FREE
  2. It’s a Potluck so if you can, please bring something: treats, favourite dish, drinks etc.  Yes there will be food there (burgers, ribs, drinks, BEER), but we need more
  3. There will be prizes, games, entertainment and the UFC 101 played in the evening
  4. The event will start at 3.00 PM
  5. You may possibly get your revenge on ALL of yor intructors for ALL of the EVIL things they have done to YOU!

Come and have fun, this will be a great event 😀  Jd