Why Private Lessons? The Benefits of One-on-One Training

Why Private Lessons? The Benefits of One-on-One Training

The general goal with any physical activity is to get better at it while improving yourself.  Whether you are brand new to the game, or an expert level competitor. We all want to be the best version of ourselves we can possibly be. So how do we get there? With One-on-One Private Training.

Participating in a class setting is a great way to gain a basic understanding of your chosen activity. You are surrounded by people of differing skill levels and can learn from the more experienced participants. But you can only get so far. Enter Private Lessons. Your Coach in class can only devote so much of their time and focus on you as there are others in the class as well. While we at Kombat Arts strive to be as hands-on as possible, we cannot expect even our Coaches to see and know all. A One-on-One Private lesson with a Coach or Trainer can be beneficial for many reasons:

  • Technique – Having the trained eye of a Coach can help refine and dial in your technique. You may think you have it down pat, but a little One-on-One coaching and tweaking can have you seeing better results much faster.
  • Motivation – Your favorite YouTube guru can only inspire you so much. Having a Coach by your side will bring out the best in your training and yourself. Soon you will be smashing your goals and your Coach will be right there to support you.
  • Feedback – This is a mix of the first 2 points. A Coach can guide you, show you the proper techniques, and be by your side to motivate you and elevate you. They will also assess and provide feedback for improvement.
  • Accountability – This is separate from motivation for a reason. In the end, we all need someone to be accountable to. We love to tell ourselves that we will never fail to work towards our goals. But sometimes life gets in the way. Having a Coach will hold you accountable, and the fact that you are paying for One-on-One Training will also help you stay accountable.
  • Personalized Programming – Having a Coach work with you to design a Program that is optimized for your goals is a huge benefit to One-on-One training. They can help plan around existing injuries, and even help prevent future ones. Their insight and planning methods can help you reach your goals and take you to the next level in your training.
  • Networking and Socialization – A Coach might not be an expert in all areas that you are looking to improve, but chances are, they know someone who is. Having a Coach is a relationship building experience that is very personal. Your goals are very personal, and the person who helps you successfully achieve them will be a great person to have in your circle.

Discover these benefits and more by signing up for some One-on-One Private Lessons with one of our Kombat Arts Training Academy Coaches. Whether it is for general fitness, nutrition, or specialized training in one of the Martial Arts offered by us, find the Coach that is right for you!

Also, from now until January 7th, 2016, sign up for 2 Private One-on-One Training sessions for just $80.00! That’s two 1-Hour Long sessions for a Great Price! Call 905-804-8158 or email [email protected] or speak to the Front Desk Staff. Or even easier, just click the photo below and fill out the form.

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