Wow What a Win for Brock Lesnar!

I have to say that I was quite impressed with Brock and his win over Carwin.  I thought for sure that Carwin had it done the 1st round.  And when the bell went, I thought for sure that Carwin would smash him in the second.

But when I saw Brock wink at Carwin’s smile, man I knew this was going to be a fight.  People questioned Carwin’s conditioning, after all, his fights never went past round one.  Well unfortunately that question was answered.  Carwin’s lack of conditioning was evident as Brock easily took him down, pass his half guard, and secure a beautiful arm triangle choke.

Whatever you may say of Brock, he is getting better, and scarier.  He gets over an illness, goes against a guy with I believe better hands, takes a decent beating and ends the match with a sub! Wow.  He is learning and adapting.  His training camp seems to be doing a good job of improving him as an athlete.  Congrats to Erik Paulson, Greg Nelson and Co for doing a great job.

It would be interesting to see what was going through Carwin’s head as he came out for the second round.  Did he know his conditioning was lagging?  Was he aware that he had punched himself out?  Or, on a mental level, did he think that he gave a beating to Brock, and man, what is this guy still doing standing up?  Did that break him mentally?  Some lessons can be learned from an athlete’s wins and loses.

Nevertheless, this was a great fight, and one that I actually enjoyed.  Hopefully for the sake of the sport, the UFC can keep churning out good matches, Jd