4 Reasons Why Martial Arts Improves Your Mood

4 Reasons Why Martial Arts Improves Your Mood

An Instant Calming Effect
Imagine a lion – the king of the jungle. When necessary, he can spring into action and kill just about anything. But the other hours of the day? He is sleeping, sitting, relaxed. He doesn’t need to be scared and nervous because he knows he can defend himself and his pride. In the same manner, learning self defense and building a stronger body improves self confidence. Taking martial arts classes will improve one’s self esteem, and relax overall anxiety in daily life.

Martial Arts Relieve Stress
Stress and tension are close cousins. They are built up energy inside of us that can cause panic, anxiety and other adverse effects. This energy has to be released in some form; some people turn to anger or violence, yelling, road rage, you name it. Martial arts, however, is the best release for this type of energy. Exerting force onto another object (or person, if sparring) releases the tension and built up energy from your body. A lot of martial artists will attest to imagining whatever is making them angry or stressed while they are kicking and punching. It’s a great, natural, healthy way to relieve stress.

Martial Arts

Working Out Makes You Happy
Doing anything active makes you feel good. Period. This is because a long list of biological processes and reasons of why our bodies are meant to be active. Physical activity releases endorphins in our bodies, which makes for a good mood. The simple fact of knowing you are treating your body right, and are becoming more physically fit, also has a positive effect on self-esteem and mood.

Friendships – For Both Introverted and Extroverted People
Whether you are an outgoing, extroverted personality or a quiet, introverted type, a martial arts class is a perfect place. Every student who enters the class is on the same playing field; there are no awards for more or less participation or conversation, everyone is there to workout. Both extroverted and introverted type persons can feel comfortable and bond with their peers in a martial arts class. Students are helpful toward one another and empower each other in every class.

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